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Technology-Free Shavuot

For those who don't use technology on Shavuot, we are happy to provide learning resources for you to maintain your usual Tikkun tradition in this unusual year.

Click here for a folder of sources and texts, a collection of Torah from our UWS rabbis and neighborhood partners. Compiled by UWS Shaliach Harel Fenigstein, the collection will be available here for download, printing, or to be used in any way that will augment the holiness of the day for you.

Zoom FAQ

How do I join a session?
Sessions will take place via Zoom. We recommend downloading the Zoom app in advance onto your computer or smartphone. You can create an account to log-in, but it is not a requirement. Zoom's website offers this list of FAQs to help you get set up and going.

At the scheduled start time, click on the access link sent in the email on the day of the event, enter your email address, full name, and zip code, and the session will automatically start once the presenter is ready.

Will people be able to see/hear me?
In some sessions, you have the option to turn on your camera to be visible to the audience and presenter. You can turn the camera on and off by clicking the camera icon on the bottom left of the screen. Microphones will remain muted unless opened by the presenter for you to ask a question.

Will I be able to join a discussion or ask questions?
In some sessions, questions to presenters can be submitted by typing them in the chat feature on Zoom. In other sessions, the presenter will open the floor for people to un-mute themselves and ask questions. We do not guarantee all questions will be answered, or the order in which they are answered.

Still have questions?
Nothing is as frustrating as tech troubles! We are grateful to our team of Tech Soup volunteers, JCC members who volunteer their time to help us in our moments of technology crisis.

We will be offering live tech support on the evening of Tikkun, starting at 8:30 pm. Email [email protected] or call 646-363-6740 and our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are so pleased to offer vibrant, comprehensive virtual programs such as this year's Tikkun Leil Shavuot, at no cost to the community. To help ensure that we are able to continue providing these opportunities for our community to come together during these difficult times, please consider making a donation to the JCC so we can sustain ourselves now and reopen strongly in the future.

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