8:30 pm

Embodying Shekhinah: An Introduction to Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Practice K
Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer, Taya Mâ Shere, Shoshana Jedwab + Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife
What does it mean to live into a Jewish practice inspired by Earth-based, embodied, visionary ancestral practices, particularly the practices of women and others on the margins of society? We'll discuss and experience some core spiritual practices of the Kohenet community, including making sacred space, tapping into sacred presence, and the divine names we use in prayer.

Navigating Intersectionality BL
Shekhiynah Larks
Shekhiynah will address the assumptions, joys, and challenges of navigating curiosity others have around Black and Jewish identity, and how it impacts her Jewish journey.

Laugh Away Your Stress Through Laughter Yoga M
Francine Shore
Laughter Yoga is the latest revolutionary global stress reduction wellness trend which is innovative and exhilarating. It has lots of health perks and is based on yogic principles—people uniting and connecting. While there are no jokes, Laughter Yoga involves laughter exercises with intermittent deep breathing and stretching, movement, and seated laughter meditation. The exercises can be performed seated or standing. No yoga mats are needed as you will not be lying on the floor.

Ayeh Mekom Kevodo: Where Is Consciousness And How Do You Find It? S
Igal Harmelin
How is the revelation of Divine Consciousness to liberated slaves in the Sinai desert 3,500 years ago relevant to life today? If the Zohar is right that there is no place where Divine Consciousness is not fully present, could one's search for divine consciousness be like that of a fish in a river searching for water?

Israel Is Sacrifice—An Israel Story Event P
Yochai Maital
A discussion about one of the most harrowing battles of the Yom Kippur war and the role of friendship, camaraderie, grief, and post-trauma in the lives of surviving combatants and family members. This discussion is a follow up to Israel Stories recent two part series titled Tel-Saki. If you haven't yet, we recommend you give it a listen here.

Or look for Israel Story on any podcasting app (episodes 63 and 64).

Funny: You Don't Act/Look Jewish JL
Rabbi Judith Edelstein
What does a Jew look like? How does a Jew behave? What does it feel like to be a Jew? How can you tell if someone is Jewish? Were you born Jewish, but don't identify? Are you thinking about becoming Jewish, but don't know how or what that means? We will talk, laugh, and explore together what it means to be a Jew in the 21st century.

Cheesecake Making A
Tracy Wilk, Pastry Chef
Keeping with tradition, we will bring our famous cheesecake station to your house! This family-friendly event will teach you tips and tricks to make your own mini cheesecakes. Chef Tracy Wilk will share her baking knowledge, answer questions you may have, and share stories from her first cookbook #BakeItForward. Click here for the recipe.

The Science of Hope Through a Jewish Lens CN
Dan Tomasulo + Scott Barry Kaufman
Join Scott Barry Kaufman, cognitive scientist, podcaster, popular science writer, and author and/or editor of nine books, Transcend: The New Science of Self Actualization, and Dan Tomasulo, therapist, psychologist, professor, and author of Learned Hopefulness: The Power of Positivity to Overcome Depression as they discuss the science of hope. Learn how Dan's personal journey with depression led him to explore in depth the science of hope and resilience. Discuss the role of hope in Jewish culture and how the new science has influenced Jewish thought. Our discussion will be followed by a live Q+A moderated by Megan McDonough, CEO, Wholebeing Institute.

Talmud After Dark: Sex, Power, Drugs, Addiction and Recovery—Rabbis Behaving Badly and Trying to Get Away with It T
Rabbi Igael "Iggy" Gurin Malous
What can we learn from 2,500 years of Talmudic wisdom on addiction? How can we use that knowledge to our advantage?

As the human condition has remained remarkably constant for thousands of years, it's no surprise that alcohol, drugs, sex, and gambling are addressed in the Talmud. Join us to study and seek answers in order to face the challenges of life and recovery, and to help us all find meaning, spirituality, and healing. And remember, you don't have to be an addict to be in recovery!

The Hebrew Months 101: Learning to Track Spiritual Time CL
Sarah Waxman
Judaism places strong emphasis on creating "sanctuaries of time." Learn how to live in deeper alignment with your spirituality, and cultivate a sense of wholeness by tracking time with the Hebrew calendar. Come join this introductory conversation with Sarah Waxman, Founder and Executive Director of At The Well. Sarah will also delve into her deep passion and love for the monthly ritual of Rosh Chodesh, where women gather to invest deeply in themselves and one another.

Conflating Anti-Zionism with Antisemitism CE
Bret Stephens
Today, nearly three-quarters of a century after its founding, the existence and policies of the state of Israel often inspire criticism, which, according to some, fuels the continued threat of antisemitism. Others counter that one can oppose—or support—the existence of the state of Israel without holding any antisemitic beliefs. Is anti-Zionism synonymous with antisemitism?


9:30 pm

Priestesses in the Hebrew Bible K
Rabbi Jill Hammer
In this session we'll encounter the hidden priestesses of the Hebrew Bible—Miriam, Devorah, Ruth, and the shrinekeepers and sacred musicians of Exodus and Psalms. We'll learn about how these biblical characters were representative of priestesses of their time, and consider what sacred practices these holy ancestors might reveal to us on this festival of revelation.

The Diversity of Asian American Jews BL
Gen Xia Ye Slosberg
Gen will show an episode from Lunar and talk about the diversity of Asian American Jewish identity.

Salsa Class with SIQ M
Jean Franco
In this class, we will explore one of the most popular Latin dance styles out there, salsa. We will share some of its history, its trajectory, and learn some moves for your next Latin party!

Everything Declares "Anokhi" S
Rabbi Jonathan Slater
Many of us are familiar with the various takes on what God said at Sinai, and what it was that Israel heard. But is that the whole story? The Sefat Emet offers a radical alternative that invites us to reconsider who said what to whom.

Towards a New World: Shavuot with The Bengsons P
Abigail and Shaun Bengson
Composing duo Abigail and Shaun Bengson took the world by storm with last year's breakout hit "The Keep Going Song." Join us for a special performance from The Bengsons to usher in the harvest festival with music.

Daf Yomi: A Page of Talmud JL
Elisha Wiesel and Rabbi Joy Levitt
Alternating between surgical precision on hotly debated points of law and ethical philosophy and the wild imagination and stories of our ancient scholars, the Talmud is a 2,000-year-old conversation that spans generations separated by centuries and continents. Come learn with Rabbi Joy Levitt and Elisha Wiesel as we study and discuss today's Daf, or page of Talmud, in the Daf Yomi ("page of the day") cycle. The Daf Yomi cycle takes over seven years to complete, and the current cycle began in January 2020. An estimated 350,000 Jews worldwide are participating in this cycle. The current masekhet (section) of Daf Yomi is "Yoma," meaning "The Day," and relates to the intricacies of the Yom Kippur service as it was performed in the times of both Temples.

A Date with Chef AJ: Yummy Dairy-Free + Sugar-Free Cheesecake A
Chef AJ
Whoever heard of healthy cheesecake? Taking a spin on the holiday classic, plant-based celebrity educator Chef AJ will show us how to make this just-like-the-real-thing dessert using health-promoting ingredients—and explain why she's taken dairy and sugar off her plate. She will demonstrate how to make a strawberry, chocolate cheesecake and how you can recreate a flavor and texture worthy of celebrating.

Followed by a Q+A moderated by Wendy Sax, Plant Powered Metro New York.

The Wisdom of Shavuot CN
Rabbi Michael Paley

The 13 Attributes of God: Using Mental Health Intervention to Emulate Them T
Cantor Laura Stein, LMSW
Jewish tradition teaches that we are meant to emulate God's moral attributes by being slow to anger, showing compassion, and behaving with an abundance of kindness. But what happens when our humanness meets these divine qualities and we find it challenging to walk in God's ways? This session will explore mental health interventions, like Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and teach skills and approaches that can help us achieve our spiritual potential.

This Is Torah: Sex + Judaism CL
Rabbi Jenn Queen
Sexuality and intimacy are central to our identities and experiences as human beings, yet we have few opportunities to speak about them in a frank, open, and explicitly Jewish way. Come explore Jewish texts—from traditional to contemporary—on intimacy, gender, sexuality, and the ethics of human relationships and sexuality in Jewish tradition. Prior Jewish learning and/or Hebrew skills are helpful but not required or expected.

NYC's Historic 2021 Election CE
Jodi Rudoren + Ruth Messinger
NYC's historic 2021 election is fast approaching. With the introduction of ranked choice voting, nearly every city office in play, and hundreds of candidates on the ballot, the June primary has the potential to profoundly transform our city government. This discussion will be led by Jodi Rudoren, editor-in-chief of The Forward, and Ruth Messinger, JCC Social Justice Activist in Residence, as they look at the upcoming city elections in this unique year.


10:30 pm

The Ones Who Were, Are, and Will Be: A Chantcestral Journey K
Rav Kohenet Taya Mâ Shere
It's said that on Shavuot, the ones who were, are, and will be gathered at the foot of the mountain to receive revelation. In this experiential session with Kohenet co-founder Taya Mâ Shere, we'll engage the practice of sacred chant—in Hebrew and English—as a portal for ancestor-honoring and for connecting to the well of blessing in our bodies, our lives, and our lineages.

Heroes: The True History of the Ethiopian-Israeli People BL
Avishai Mekonnen
A photographer and filmmaker born into the Beta Israel community, Avishai Mekonen's film Heroes is a documentary film currently in production that tells the story of Ethiopian Israelis who, despite having found personal safety and freedom in Israel in the 1970's and 1980's, went back to Ethiopia and Sudan to help save the rest of the community. Avishai will show a clip from the film and tell the story of his own journey out of Ethiopia.

Qigong and T'ai Chi, Ancient Wisdom for Cultivating Energy and Sound Sleep M
Master Yang Yang, Ph.D. + Ana C. Krieger, M.D., Chief of Sleep Neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine
What better time than erev Shavuot to explore the relationship between energy and sleep? During this session, Yang Yang, a T'ai Chi and Qigong grandmaster, will employ experiential techniques to teach you how to cultivate energy during the day and sleep at night. So stay awake (!) and prepare to receive ancient wisdom that will improve your well-being throughout the year.

Mindfulness: The New Normal S
Dr. Mark Bertin + Dr. Christopher Willard
As we enter a "new normal," how can we ensure that our families and our communities emerge from this time more resilient than ever? Join us as we explore the foundations of resilience and post-traumatic growth; we will look to spirituality and neuroscience as we explore mindfulness-based tools that boost well-being in the face of adversity for generations. This workshop will include mindfulness and positive psychology practices, along with simple takeaway tips for you and your families.

Women of Shir: Tribute to the Great Jewish Singer-Songwriters P
Elad Kabilio + Shira Averbuch/MusicTalks
Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and actress Shira Averbuch pays tribute to the Jewish female singer-songwriters who made and still are making their mark in the world through their music and spirits.Through story and song, Shira will unfold the inspiring stories and Jewish journeys of songstress' like Carole King, Amy Winehouse, Barbra Streisand, and many more.

A Very Funny, Historically Comprehensive and Deeply Moving Overview of Jewish Humor JL
Rabbi Moshe Waldoks
You don't have to be Jewish to love our jokes! Rabbi, storyteller, community activist, and stand-up comedian Moshe Waldoks brings an infectious laugh and loving perspective, presenting historic themes in Jewish humor and what they reveal about Jews and Judaism.

Desserts to Live For A
Talia Fuhrman + Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
This fun-filled session with father/daughter duo Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and Talia Fuhrman includes a demo from Talia's new cookbook, Desserts to Live For, alongside the science of eating for optimal health. A nationally-acclaimed clinician, Dr. Fuhrman shares the evidence behind a nutrient-rich diet to achieve long-term health benefits and even disease reversal. You'll learn secrets for baking that feature the surprising flavors of the plant kingdom. Copresented with Plant Powered Metro New York.

The Incredible Tale of King Solomon and Ashmedai, Prince of the Demons CN
Ruby Namdar
Few works of literature are as bold, creative, and free spirited as is the Talmud. In this session, we will study what may be one of the most imaginative pinnacles of Aggadah (Talmudic narrative) and of world literature. Together, we will savor the literary qualities of the tragicomic adventures of the two kings, the wise king of humans, and the perhaps-wiser king of the demons, and will also discuss the deep message of the story, a warning against intellectual hubris and its many dangers.

How to Return "Back to Normal" After a Plague: Tazria-Metzora and COVID-19 T
Rabbi Brian Fink
The Torah portion of Tazria-Metzora contains detailed instructions on how to return to the community following a mysterious disease called tzaraat. During this session, we will take a look at the Torah text and examine how the rabbis may have understood these complicated rituals. We will compare them to approaches being used today following COVID-19 vaccination, and have time to share how we are each navigating this unique moment.

Digital Diaspora: Between Clubhouse and Covenant CL
Ari Hoffman
After a year of plague and distancing, where is the future of Jewish life? As we all become dual citizens of the physical and virtual, what shape will community and the sacred take in the decades to come? Are we on the verge of writing a new chapter in the Jewish story?

Homelessness in Jewish Tradition and in Our City CE
Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann (SAJ-Judaism that Stands for All) and Shams DaBaron (AKA The Homeless Hero)
The pandemic has brought those who sleep in the shadows into the light and the overall crisis of homelessness into our awareness. Even as the pandemic begins to retreat, these challenges will be with us for a long time. What is our obligation as Jews? What do we learn from the text of our tradition? What can we learn from those who have been directly impacted by the issue?

Rabbi Lauren will share Jewish teachings and engage in a conversation with Shams DaBaron, who has recently experienced homelessness, about his personal story, current models of addressing homelessness, potential solutions to the crisis, and his experience being rehoused.

We look forward to an important opportunity to learn from both Jewish wisdom and real human experience.


11:30 pm

Shavuot Demon Stories Ancestors Tell K
Shoshana Batshemesh Jedwab
The Book of Tobit is a semi-sacred Shavuot novel some medieval Jews would read on the second day of Shavuot. Tobit includes demons, angels, magic potions, toxic bird droppings, the uncertainties of life in the diaspora, romance, and many acts of kindness and charity. Let's take this wild literary ride!

Jewish Life in Latin America BL
Karen Gritz
Jewish life in Latin America: where are the Jewish communities, what are emerging Jewish communities, what is similar to North American Jews, and what is different?

The Nia Technique M
Kelle Rae Oien
The Nia Technique blends dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts, with an approach that will stimulate you and revolutionize the way you feel about fitness, focusing on how your body feels, rather than how it looks. Addressing the whole person, Nia will pump your heart, spark your spirit, motivate your mind, and release your tension with expressive movement and mindful awareness. Nia will move you!

Creativity, Imagination + Revelation: The Scent of Sinai S
Rabbi Margie Jacobs
Ignite your creativity and access your imagination with the Jewish Studio Process! We will explore and play through text study, intuitive use of art materials, and reflective writing. No specific art materials or skill needed. Beginners welcome!

Please bring: Any art materials that you have in your home (colored pencils, markers, paints, magazines, tape/glue, etc); something to write on and with; something fragrant (flowers, spices, essential oil)

Eurovision Celebration P
Elad Kabilio/MusicTalks
Join us for an exciting performance in celebration of 47 exciting years of Israel in the Eurovision Song Competition, the world's biggest music event. Discover the drama, depth, and emotions behind some of the beloved songs that brought Israel to the front stage of Europe with four sensational wins. Featuring singer Naama Gheber and a four-piece band.

Is Superman Circumcised? JL
Roy Schwartz
Superman is the most famous character in the world. He's the first superhero, an American icon—and he's Jewish! Author Roy Schwartz discusses his new book, Is Superman Circumcised? The Complete Jewish History of the World's Greatest Hero, which explores the underlying themes of a beloved modern mythology in a fascinating and entertaining journey through Jewish tradition, American history, and comic book lore. This session is sure to give readers a newfound appreciation for the Mensch of Steel!

Or Chadash: Bringing New Light Through Song A
Elana Brody
Join Elana Brody for a spirited performance of her original music, featuring new versions of well-loved Jewish songs, original folk songs, and songs for healing.

From Yossi & Jagger to Sublet: Eytan Fox CN
Eytan Fox + Isaac Zablocki
Eytan Fox is one of Israel's leading directors. Films like Walk on Water and Yossi & Jagger ushered in an era of Israeli cinema. His latest film, Sublet, will be released in the U.S. in June. Join us for a conversation with Fox, one of the most prolific voices in Israeli cinema, and also one of the pioneers of Israeli television, from Tel Aviv. His films have been hits both in Israel and internationally.

Around Midnight T
Rabbi Mira Rivera
A lyre hung over the bed of David HaMelekh. Once midnight arrived, the northern wind would come, causing it to play on its own. David would rise up and engage in Torah until the rise of dawn (Berachot 3B). What other wonders occur around that hour in Jewish text?

Mindful Medium CL
Alaine Portner
Spend a mindful midnight with your soulful self and all that's possible! Alaine Portner is a gifted evidential medium, compassionate spiritual teacher, experienced meditation coach, and accomplished author who will optimize our time together for education and entertainment. Transformative interactive experiences will empower all of us to develop intuition and connect to our loved ones through meditation and medium messages.

We Keep Us Safe: How to Fight Hate Violence and Become an Upstander CE
Leo Ferguson, Director of Strategic Projects, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ)
Hate-fueled violence is on the rise across the US. As Jews, we know we must not remain bystanders. For the sake of our neighbors, and for the sake of our own souls, we must take action. Learn how you can intervene effectively and safely as an upstander at this virtual workshop. We'll have time at the end for practice, and you'll leave feeling more confident intervening the next time you see harassment online or in person.


12:30 am

Torah for These Times: A Priestess Perspective on Receiving Revelation K
Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife
Each year when we return to this point on the spiral of time, we receive revelation anew. We've changed, the world has changed, and the Tree of Life has continued to grow all the while. In this session, we'll explore a priestess's perspective on how to receive revelation, then delve into some Torah for this moment in time.

The Blewish Dybbuk Project BL
Rebecca S'manga Frank + Kendell Pinkney
The Blewish Dybbuk Experience is a four-part adaptation of S. Ansky's The Dybbuk, currently in development. Through a Black Jewish lens, the "dead soul" is discovered to be the soul of Elijah McClain. This evening we will explore parts 1 and 2, a conversation about justice, love, God, and Judaism between the living and the dead.

Introduction to the Alexander Technique M
Melissa Brown + Morgan Rysdon
The Alexander Technique is a mind/body practice that teaches you skills to improve your posture, reduce tension, and discover more freedom and ease in movement. In this class, we will give you a brief introduction to the technique as well as practical tools that you can start applying right away to begin feeling more comfortable. The hour will be filled with information as well as experiential activities for all who join us.

Black Fire on White Fire: The Space in Between S
Becca Heisler/Shamir Collective
Slow down, take a deep breath, and step back. Through song, movement, and reflection, we will explore what it is to step towards revelation on Shavuot, to imagine (and maybe even experience) a taste of the magic of Sinai. We will wind back through the days since Passover, reflecting on the journey that got us here.

Jerusalem of Gold and the Songs of Jerusalem P
Elad Kabilio/MusicTalks
Israeli singer Naama Gheber and the MusicTalks Ensemble offer a special concert in tribute to the holy city. From liturgical to pop, host Elad Kabilio will offer an in-depth look at classic and modern songs celebrating Jerusalem.

Jewhooing New York: Iconic NY Jews, A–Z JL
David Kaufman
An alphabetical listing of significant figures in New York Jewish history (e.g. A is for Bella Abzug, B for Lenny Bruce, C for Abraham Cahan, etc.), surveying multiple arenas of Jewish cultural endeavor and contribution to the life of New York. This talk will consider the question of what makes New York, in the words of Harry Golden, "the greatest Jewish city in the world."

Songs of Learning* A
Rabbi Avram Mlotek
Come learn, listen and sing along to an array of Hebrew and Yiddish songs Rabbi Avram Mlotek will lead around the theme of learning in honor of Shavuot. English translations will be provided.
*This session was recorded for the Tikkun before the holiday of Shavuot began.

COVID-19 in Israel CN
Ronni Gamzu + Amir Tibon
Israel was the first country to successfully vaccinate a critical mass of its citizens and eradicate COVID-19. Its public medicine system has received praise worldwide, and countries are lining up to learn how to imitate this effective operation. But the road to defeating COVID-19 was highly politicized, exposing a fragmented society, and ethnic and religious tensions. Join Israel's former "COVID Tsar" and CEO of The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Ronni Gamzu, M.D., as he shares his personal experience from the control room, and an expert view of Israel's challenges and success coping with the pandemic. The conversation will be moderated by Amir Tibon, Ha'aretz correspondent in the U.S..

Film Conversation and Screening: Commandment 613 T
Rabbi Kevin Hale and Miriam Lewin
Rabbi Kevin Hale joyfully practices the sacred craft of Torah restoration, bringing new life to scrolls saved in Czechoslovakia during the Shoah. As his scribal work takes him to communities now entrusted with the scrolls, he reflects on his own path to faith and practice, and the many ways to fulfill the final commandment in the Torah: to write the scroll itself.

Shterna Goldbloom: Artist Talk + Discussion CL
Shterna Goldbloom will share their inspiration for photographic projects "Feygeles," "Ikh Bin Der Sitra Achra," and new work in progress. They are excited to hear your questions and to have a discussion together.

The Revelatory Power of the Pandemic: What Wisdom Do We Carry Forward? What Insights Do We Leave Behind? CE
Rabbi Adina Lewittes
As we slowly move into a new normal, we're tempted to leave behind the pain and vulnerability of the last year and simply embrace the freedom for which we've yearned. This moment, framed by the Sinai narrative, calls for a sacred pause to consider what has been revealed to us during this year of profound personal and societal disruption—about ourselves, our values, goals, responsibilities, and opportunities. As we move toward tikkun/healing of self, others, society, and the planet, we must ask: Who do I wish to be in this next chapter of my life that I am blessed to be writing? To what am I being called? And when we leave this revelatory moment, where will I be heading?


1:30 am

Preparing to Receive Revelation K
Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife and Friends
It is written that each of us receives Torah according to our capacity. As we near Shavuot, join members of the Kohenet community who will help us to become more expansive in preparation to receive revelation. Through embodied practice, song, and poetry, we'll arrive at the mountain, slow down, and deepen into our bodies, become more spacious, and prepare to receive.

The Feldenkrais Method M
Sonja Johansson
Move with more ease in hard times. Develop physical and mental resilience through positive neuroplasticity while improving posture and reducing pain. More than just a movement practice, the Feldenkrais Method offers practical ways to ease the body and calm the mind.

Omer Oracle: Preparing the Vessel for Revelation—A Sound Journey for the 50th Day of the Omer S
Nomy Lamm/Shamir Collective
Journey through the lower seven sephirot with imagery and sound to integrate the gifts of the past 49 days. Throughout the Omer counting period from Pesach to Shavuot, we are given the opportunity to reflect on the essences of the sephirot as they interact with each other and influence the textures of our days. Today, we bring it all together in order to open up to revelation and see what comes through.

What is Heresy?* JL
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
There is no word for heresy in the Torah, and yet for thousands of years Jews have been accusing each other of it. We will examine the different variants and usages to see if this concept has any relevance today.
*This session was recorded for the Tikkun before the holiday of Shavuot began.

Where We Found Hope: A Conversation on Resilience During COVID-19 Among Friends CN
Mandy Patinkin + Kathryn Grody, Rabbis Joy Levitt + Michael Strassfeld, Ruth Messinger + Andrew Lachman
Join three couples for an open and honest discussion about grit, community, and keeping the faith.

God's Allegiance to the Land: Ecology in Torah T
Rabbi David Seidenberg
The Torah expresses an indigenous tradition acutely attuned to the land, with a mission to create a new kind of agricultural society, one that would nourish the land and protect the poor and the stranger. God's first covenant partner was the land itself. Agriculture was meant to be a sacrament, and animal husbandry a covenant. Get the whole scoop, including the cycle of sevens that builds up to the Sabbatical and Jubilee years.

From Narrowness to Expansiveness: Allyship as Spiritual Practice* CL
Rabbi Lauren Tuchman
In this session, Rabbi Lauren Tuchman will be teaching about allyship as a spiritual practice with an emphasis on how Mussar, or Jewish spiritual and ethical growth, is the foundation for showing up in the world and in our lives with equanimity and wholeness.
*This session was recorded for the Tikkun before the holiday of Shavuot began.

The State of Israel v. Benjamin Netanyahu CE
Ittay Flescher
Exploring what is arguably one of the most important court cases in the history of Israel, Plus61J Jerusalem Correspondent Ittay Flescher will take you through all the charges, Netanyahu's defense arguments, and how the trial dramatically impacts the politics of Israel today.


2:30 am

Women's Rituals in the Eastern European Jewish Shtetl K
Kohenet Annie Kohen
The eastern European Jewish shtetl occupies a special place in Ashkenazi Jewish collective memory, but what life in the shtetl was actually like is often lost in myths about a rural, traditional ideal or stereotypes about persecution and backwardness. Contrary to common assumptions, women in the shtetl were not confined to the kitchen but usually worked and were often the sole breadwinners for their families. They were also the writers and propagators of folk stories and folksongs, the readers and sometimes authors of the first Yiddish books, and had their own, rich, religious traditions. In this session we’ll learn what a shtetl really was and about the role of women in shtetl society through texts written by former shtetl residents.

Yoga Stretch to Sleep M
Whitney Chapman
This unique gentle yoga practice, accessible to all levels, will stretch the body and calm the mind, preparing you for a good night's sleep. We will be working from seated and lying down positions, so a floor or bed can be used. Please have two pillows, two blocks, and a strap/band available to help facilitate this practice. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Broadcasting from the Sinai Desert S
Rabbi Lee Moore/Shamir Collective
Whether we understand this event metaphorically or literally, we have much to learn from this mountain and the ecosystem where it dwells and lives. By inviting our senses into those smells, vistas, textures, and melodies, we can become more grounded in our relationship to the sacred mountain. During this hour we will explore our relationship to place through text, song, and guided meditation.

Continuity at the Time of Despair: Yavneh and the Rabbis* JL
Rabbi Adam Mintz
The Temple was destroyed in 70 CE. How did the Jews replace it as the central place of ritual and community? The experience of Yavneh and the ability of the rabbis to create a viable replacement for the Temple has shaped Jewish tradition and ritual to this day.
*This session was recorded for the Tikkun before the holiday of Shavuot began.

The Ties That Bind: Meet JCC Leaders from Around the World CN
Smadar Bar-Akiva/JCC Global
Meet JCC leaders from around the world and learn about the intricate ways in which they build community in Europe, Israel, and Latin America. This informal program will be facilitated by JCC Global, a network of more than 1,000 JCCs around the world.

History of the Israeli Protest Movement CE
Ittay Flescher
How will the survivors who made Israel their home after the war leave their mark on society? This question was first raised by a significant protest movement in 1952, when Menachem Begin led the campaign against the "blood money" reparations from Germany. In this lecture, we will explore this protest and recent campaigns against deportation of asylum seekers and Israel's weapons sales that have put the question of what the term "never again" means in the modern era.


3:30 am

Past Wisdom, Present Practice: Meet the Midwives K
Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid
Ostrich eggs, crumbling gravestones, cheeky folk songs, and a sheaf of old papers: All these and more reveal to us the power of the role of midwife in Jewish communities across the world as she carries people through birth and safely to the other side. Learn about customs of protection, Talmudic neonatal care, and more with Kohenet Rachel of Yelala (Kohenet UK).

Who Owns Judaism and Why it Matters* JL
Rabbi David Hoffman
Today, a culture war is being waged in Israeli society over who can interpret Judaism and Jewish sources and who is outside of the conversation. What constitutes the Jewish library, who has a right to interpret Torah and why does this conversation matter to American Jews? We will consider two models of what constitutes legitimate Jewish interpretation.
*This session was recorded for the Tikkun before the holiday of Shavuot began.

Scandals of the Torah: The Stories They Didn't Teach You in School CN
Moshe Horn + Jeff Feig
Moshe Horn and Jeff Feig will discuss some of the dark, graphic, and exceedingly difficult stories in our holy books. They will explore what they mean, why they are, and why it's important that they are taught.


4:30 am

Closing Session
Elana Brody, Prayer Leader and Songstress
Join us as we close our Tikkun Leil Shavuot with live music, ritual, and prayer with Elana Brody. Our short session will help you gather your learnings from the evening and step into the revelation of Shavuot.

We are so pleased to offer vibrant, comprehensive virtual programs such as this year's Tikkun Leil Shavuot, at no cost to the community. To help ensure that we are able to continue providing these opportunities for our community to come together during these difficult times, please consider making a donation to the JCC so we can sustain ourselves now and reopen strongly in the future.

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